Banana Goo aka homemade gels

Banana Goo aka homemade gels

1 banana

3/4 cup dates 

1 tbsp coconut oil

Juice from 1 lemon

A pinch of dulse

1/2 cup of water 

Place all ingredients into a high powered blender and blend really well.  

I used this recipe in my first trail race Run Ridge Run 25K as well as Diez Vista 100K.  I loved it!  It is sweet and tangy thanks to the dates and the lemon.  This recipe contains roughly 600 calories which makes 6 “gels.”  Place goo into water bottles and then add desired amount of water.  Or for full strength place goo into soft flasks.  Be sure to consume with water to aid in digestion.  Stays well in fridge for three to four days. 

*To give this goo an extra kick try adding some of the lemon peel

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