Carob Crush

I am sure that I am not the first person to add these four ingredients to a blender.  However, upon sipping this frothy smoothie for the first time I felt compelled to share it.  I use this recipe as a breakfast, lunch or an evening dessert after a long run to get some extra calories and fluids in.  

To a blender add banana, medjool dates (pits removed), 1-2 spoons of raw carob powder, and 500 - 1000ml of water.  Blend well.  

A good starting point is two bananas, two dates, one spoonful of raw carob powder, and 500ml of water.  However, depending on how much food I have and how hungry I am, the quantities vary.  I have made this smoothie with as much as fifteen dates or eight bananas.  Either way, this smoothie is simply delectable.

Good food is good food.   Enjoy :)

Jason ManningComment