Champions are born on bad days


It is very easy to train or to practice your art when the conditions are favourable, and when you are feeling great.  Similarly, it is easy to skip a session when things are not looking good or we feel poor.  However, the true achievers—the champions—they are born on bad days.  Those days when we want to go back to bed.  Those days when we want to watch TV instead of running.  Those days when it is even a struggle to just get out the front door.  Those are the days when champions are born.  

We all have an inner champion, as well as an inner slouch.  The slouch wants nothing more than to eat and be lazy.  The champion wants to be challenged, to succeed, and to thrive.    

Whether you are an athlete, an author, an artist, or a performer, you understand the resistance that plague those who choose to live a creative lifestyle.  That resistance that wants the slouch to win.  We all feel it; I feel it everyday.  The achievers are those who work on their chosen craft, even when they do not feel like it, because they know they need to practice adaptability, and give the inner champion a chance to come out.  Sometimes the simple act of letting you champion win and just starting your session—running, song writing, choreographing, blogging—is far more important than what is accomplished during the session.  For when shit hits the fan and it is crunch time, and things are not going well, those who practiced letting their champion shine will see their finish line.  

Bad days are a blessing; for champions are born on bad days. 

Jason ManningComment