Adventure: A means to stepping beyond your comfort zone

When I used to dream about adventures I often thought as them as external experiences: the places I'd see, the people I'd meet, and the cool camping spots.  However, there exists an internal adventure of emotion—doubt, fear, happiness, and joy—that will be felt by the lonely vagabond.  I have learned that the greatest adventure, and the most worthwhile, are the ones that change the core of our being. As I age and continue to grow wiser (or I like to think I am wiser!) this is something I am more and more aware of.  Adventures are most certainly external experiences, however the external is just a catalyst for the internal.  When I step outside my comfort zone I am confronted with my true-self.  I get tested more, and have the opportunity to use skills I would never use is my normal life.  

It is great to say, “I have been here (enter famous tourist destination).”  But it is even greater to say to yourself... 

I have wrestled with fear and self-doubt, and I came out smiling. I have sparred with loneliness and crippling sadness, and I am still standing. I have been thrown into challenging situations, and I found a way through. I stepped beyond my comfort zone and I am a better person because of it.

This is the greatest value I have received from my adventures and I am continually reminding myself to step to the “uncomfortable” side. 

Jason ManningComment