Diez Vista 100k Nutrition Strategy. Real food, vegan

This is a snapshot of the food I brought with me for Diez Vista 100K.  Calories areapproximations. 

1.  Banana Goo, big batch, 3200 calories

2.  CoQu Blend, big batch, 1660 calories 

3.  3 avocados, 900 calories

4.  9 bananas, 900 calories 

5.  4 cans of coconut water, 400 calories 

6.  Potato salad with salt and vinegar, 780 calories 

7.  1 honeydew and 1 cantaloupe, 600 calories 

8.  15 figs and 15 additional dates as back up food, 1600 calories

9.  Water mixture with 2-3 Nuun tablets and can of coconut water in each, 300 calories

10.  Additional Nuun tablets

11.  Banana Goo with 1tsp of ground black tea leaves

The total amount of calories was 10,340.  Divided by 15.5hrs (duration of the race) equals 667 calories per hour, which is way more than I needed.  I was aiming for about 300 calories per hour.  My goal with the nutrition was to bring more than I needed (obvious!) and to have a variety.  I had never run a 100K, so I wanted to be prepared as I did not know what I would want or how my body would react.  This is what I brought to the race, but what did I actually use…?

The “Blueprint”

1 bottle Banana Goo, 600 calories

1 bottle CoQu Blend, 500 calories

1 bag of either honeydew or cantaloupe, half a melon per bag, 150 calories

1 bag of potato salad, 2 potatoes per bag, 260 calories

2 bananas, 200 calories 

2L of water mixture with 1 can of coconut water and 2-3 Nuun tablets, 100 calories 

I had broken the race into three, 4-5 hour sections. Each section I would meet my crew and I would refill my “blueprint.”  Totalling 1,810 calories, my blueprint needed to last roughly 5 hours, which equates to 362 calories per hour.  Which again, is more than I needed.  During the first section if I found I was eating more than anticipated then I could simply grab more food at the first meet-up with my crew.  However, my blueprint was always enough to see me to the next pre-arranged visit with my crew.  

I met my crew at 31, 59, and 73K.  At 73K I swapped shoes, but did not fill my blueprint as it was not necessary.  I did however, suck back some of the Banana Goo with black tea leaves.

At 15, 46, and 87K, I filled up my water and added 2-3 Nuun tablets before adding the water and returning my hydration bladder to my vest.  I skipped all the other aid stations.  

I never ran out of water or food.  I had no cramping.  My mind felt sharp all day.  And I had no stomach or digestive issues.  All the additional food was simply additional.  I did not finish all of my Banana Goo nor CoQu blend.  I did not even touch the avocado until after the race!  The point is that I always carried more than I needed in between stops with my crew.  I did not count my calories or count my sips.  I ate when and what I felt like or drank whenever I thought about drinking.  I ate real food, and it worked exceptionally well.  

*A note: I loved the cantaloupe and honeydew.  High water content and fast digesting sugars.  What is not to love?  

**I should also point out that the race had aid stations every 6-7 kilometres, so my preparation was possibly unnecessary.  However, being plant-based, gluten free, soy free, and mostly salt free, I wanted to make sure I hadaccess to the food that I wanted and the food I had used in training.