Eating enough on a fruitarian diet

One of the challenges of being a fruitarian is eating enough calories. This is particularly important to those wishing to be very active and eat a fruitarian diet. Fruit and vegetables are significantly lower in calories per serving when compared to cooked or processed foods. It takes time to adjust both mentally and physically to eating a larger volume of food. The best way to make sure you are eating enough is to eat as much as you care for, note the time, then note the time when you next feel as if you want to eat. If you only last 1 hour then you need to eat more at your previous meal. Keep eating more at each meal until you can last 3-6 hours without eating. For me this process took about six weeks. In the meantime, always have fresh fruit available, as you will be perhaps eating more often than you are accustomed to when first adopting a fruitarian diet. Any questions? Let me know!

Jason ManningComment