Food for the day: Isn't that a lot of sugar?


Total calories: 3,500

Caloronutrient ratio: 91/5/4.   (Carbohydrates/Protein/Fat)

My food for the day equates to roughly 3,500 calories of which 91 percent of the calories are from carbs, 5 percent from protein, and 4 percent from fat.  

Isn’t that a lot of sugar?  No!  Our bodies are designed to run on sugar.  Now I am not promoting processed or refined sugar.  But sugar found in fresh, ripe, raw, whole, fruits and vegetables is amazing human food.  Glucose and fructose (sugars found in fruit) can be digested in not only the intestines and stomach, but also in the mouth!  That is incredible!  Sugars are also our primary source for fuel, so it just makes sense to eat a lot of fruit (where the sugars are easily digested, absorbed, and utilized).

In short, the food that most accurately meets a humans nutritional requirements is fruit.  In every category: carbs, fat, protein (yes fruit has enough protein to sustain and build an active human), water, fibre, nutrients, phytonutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, and antioxidants, fruit is the winner for human food.  

And if you do not believe me just try it.  Try a week or a day on fresh, ripe, raw, whole, organic (if you can, if you can’t still eat them) fruits and vegetables.  If that is too much try just a meal.  Blend 5 to 15 bananas (depending on appetite and activity level), go to the gym or for a run, and drink the banana smoothie for your recovery.  I think you will be surprised at how good you will feel.


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