Mango Salsa with cucumber circles


This has been my go to meal for the majority of the summer.  I love the tang of the lime and the sweetness of the mangos.  


4 mangos, skin and pit removed

2 peppers, seeds removed

2-3 cups grape tomatoes 

Juice of 4-6 limes

3 cucumbers or zucchini  

Method:  Add mango, peppers, and tomatoes to a food processor and pulse to desired chunkiness.  Add lime juice.  Slice cucumber or zucchini into circles and enjoy!  

I have used peaches or strawberries when I do not have mangos.  However, in my opinion, mangos are the best.  You can also let the salsa sit for 20 minutes before eating thus allowing the flavours to soak together.  Good food is good mood!  

Jason ManningComment