Nepal Kit List

Please remember that kit list are GUIDES!  This is just to give you an idea of the gear I used.  This list is for TEA HOUSE TREKKING where you can stay and eat at guesthouses along the way.  If you are planning a remote trekking adventure that does not have guesthouses than you will need more gear.  

-7C Western Mountaineering sleeping bag

Cotton sleeping bag liner

OR 10L waterproof stuff sack for sleeping bag and liner

Osprey Kestrel 38L backpack, which comes with a waterproof pack cover, or you can buy one separately

Zamberlan Trek Lite GORE-TEX Backpacking Boot

Flip flops or sandals, keep them light and simple

MEC Uplink Hoodie, insulated jacket 

OR Foray Jacket, waterproof

Long sleeve merino wool shirt 

Wicking T-shirt or any shirt that dries quickly

Comfortable socks,  two pair


Patagonia Baggies shorts, nylon which is super durable and quick drying...but smelly

Tights or pants, ideally with zipper at the bottom for easier removal or pants that zip off at the knee

Long johns merino of Polartec work well

2L Dromedary and hydration kit

Headlamp, did not use mine often, but it is nice to have

Aquatabs, estimate daily water usage and multiply by the number of expected trekking days. Example: 5L of water per day multiplied by 20 days of trekking equals 100L of water that needs to be treated which equals 100 tabs.  You can get Aquatabs in Kathmandu if you need more.  This is way cheaper than buying bottle water.  

First Aid Kit

Guide Book, which can be bought then sold in Kathmandu

Some final items that most people should already have: Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant (optional), floss, nail clippers, sunscreen, toilet paper, soap, toiletry bag or a big ziplock bag, lip balm, earplugs, hat, gloves, stuff sack for clothes (pillow case will work), sunglasses, a device for playing music, headphones, camera, chargers (keep in mind most guest houses charge you to charge!), journal and pen, cards, and your passport.

That's it.  Keep it simple and light.  Have a bit of extra room for snacks as well .  You do not need to carry much food as you can get all your meals at guesthouses along the way.  You can also buy ALL the gear you need in Kathmandu, which is nice in case you forget something.  

For a little more in depth information check out my video and see how it all packs away!

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