Review for Alpine Works—Running Coach

For the past 10 months I have been coached by Joe Grant at Alpine Works and it has been absolutely fantastic.  My main race for 2017 was Fat Dog 120, and honestly, I was terrified of this race when I signed up for it.  I had never ran further than a marathon and here I was trying to quintuple the distancein just eight months.  But the months of training passed, and with Joe’s guidance, I found myself at the start line feeling incredibly ready.  What once seemed impossible now felt very possible.  I was consistent throughout the whole race and finished in 38 hours.  I was so shocked at how strong I felt during the event.  

Joe absolutely nailed the coaching.  But he helped me a lot more than just the training.  His input on gear was invaluable, especially for someone who can get a little too analytical about their gear!  In addition, his knowledge and experience on the mental and emotional challenges of running such an event were very insightful and very beneficial to my race.  So standing at the start line I did not just feel physically ready, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready as well.  

I found the training program extremely effective and easy to follow.  I never felt overwhelmed with the amount of training I had to do.  Joe always seemed to know exactly what I needed to do.  On the rare times when life caught up to me, Joe adjusted the training accordingly.  

The end result was amazing, but the journey was even more so, and Joe made that journey incredibly special.  My biggest take aways from working with Joe is that running should be restorative, and that the meaning comes after.  Running should make you feel good!  And although the reasons for running for 38 hours may seem unclear at times, the meaning will come after.  Patience.  Persistence.  And consistency.  

I am incredibly grateful for my time with Joe Grant; he is a fantastic coach.  

Thanks again Joe!  It has been an absolute pleasure!