The 30-Day Minimalism Game

I recently played the The 30-Day Minimalism Game with my sister, whereby we got rid of one thing on day one, two on day two, and so forth for thirty days.  We played this game to see if having less stuff equated to a life of greater value.  This game was created by Joshua and Ryan, aka The Minimalists.  For more details on the game visit Joshua and Ryan.  

The first week was relatively easy.  For reference my stuff is always on the right.   We eventually discovered that it was easier to combine multiple days at a time.   And that was how we finished: doing BIG combo days.  

For a tour of my room and my 3 tips to minimize, check out the video below


1.  Start Easy.  Get rid of the easy stuff first to build momentum.

2.  Have a "pretend" pile.  If I was unsure about an item I pretended to throw it out by removing it from my room.  More often than not  I would not miss that item.  Then I knew I could get rid of it.   

3.  Throw away the item, not the memory.  I get sentimental.  But the real sentiment is not in the item, it's in the memory.  When I struggled to get rid of an item that had lots of sentiment, but little use, I took a photo and got rid of it.  I still have the memory, just not the item.   

I can unequivocally say that removing nearly 500 items I had possessed has equated to a significant increase of value in my life.  My room is clear, which helps clear my mind.  With a clear mind I have more energy for the important things in life.  With less stuff I have less anxiety and less decision fatigue.  With less stuff I have I have more freedom and more time.  With less, I have more life.  

Jason ManningComment