Therapy is in session...

Yesterday I was feeling absolutely horrible—I was lacking motivation and all I wanted to do was lie on the the couch, eat potato chips, and watch TV.  We have all had days like this; days when our goals, dreams, and hopes seem too far to reach. Days when we want to throw in the towel and admit defeat.  Yesterday I was having one of those days.

I want to know if I do what I love—and do it well—if the universe will provide.  I am terrified of this not working out, and of ending up with nothing.  I have so many projects that I want to turn into realities that I am having difficulty picking one.  This is a problem I have never had as things in the past were always simple and clear.   To add to my malady, I injured my rib while running in Cuba.  It hurts to roll over at night and I can not do a proper sit-up without a twinge of pain.  I want to return to training, but my injury is making this difficult.  All of this was stirring around in my head like a bad cocktail and I just could not make sense of anything.  So I returned to the areas of my life that are my sources of strength.

When we are having a bad day or life takes a turn for the worse we have a tendency to hide and do nothing but wallow in our misery.  Too often we neglect the things in our life that give us strength, peace, and joy.  Ever notice how when stress builds, whether it’s for an exam, a new project, planning an event, or even going through something challenging in life like an ended relationship or a death in the family, that we tend to spend less and less time doing the things we enjoy.  During times of trials and frustrations is when we most need the things that fill us with peace and strength!  I am not sure why, when external factors make us feel internally lousy that we want to partake in activities that will only make us feel worse.  Perhaps this can be answered by simply stating that misery loves company.  I am not saying to not wallow in sadness and despair, when shit happens you have to feel it to heal it—TV and chips have their place.  What I am trying to say is to remember the things that give us strength and happiness.  I think it’s surprising at how one can feel after only a short period of time spent doing something joyous.  


With this in my mind, I did my best to shut my brain off and went for a bike ride.  I find cycling so methodical and relaxing; the light exertion and fresh air filled me with peace!  After an hour spin I felt much better, but I was not done yet.  I changed, and went into the kitchen and started to cook something new.  I love to cook, and I feel that cooking can be a tremendous source of therapy.  By preparing interesting and nourishing meals I was being creative and also feeding my body and soul in an amazingly beneficial, cathartic way.  After dinner I went for a walk with my mom.  Although all my problems are not solved, and my rib is still sore, I went to bed feeling much better than I had in the morning.  This was just another reminder to remember the things that give me strength.  Agree, disagree?  What gives you strength?  Let me know!

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