Touring Bicycle, Specs and Reviews

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For the gear geeks like me out there.  Here is a full list of my custom built bicycle I used to cycle more 25,000 kilometres.

My bike was built by Dream Cycle in Vancouver, Canada.   

Asterisks by my favourite pieces of gear.  

Please note that this gear list is just a guide.  

Frame:                   *56cm Surly Long Disc Trucker green

Fork:                       Surly 

Crankset:                Sugino Single Speed crank

Bottom Bracket:     Shimano BB-UN55

Pedals:                     Shimano A324 touring pedals

Chain:                       SRAM PC1

Tensioner:                Rohloff Chain tensioner 

Spokes/nipples:      Sapim Strong Single butt, DT-Swiss brass nipples

Disc rotor front:      Avid BB7 bolt Rotor 

Disc rotor rear:        Rohloff disc brake rotor, 4 bolt

Front Hub:              *Schmidt Son Dynamo disc hub

Rear Hub:               *Rohloff disc hub, OEM axle plate, eternal shifting 

Rim, pair:                 DT Swiss TK540 36 hole

Tubes:                      standard

Rim tape:                 Schwalbe cloth

Tire, pair:                 *Schwalbe Marathon 700x32

Saddle:                    *Brooks Team Pro Titanium, later *Brooks Cambium C15 Carved

Seatpost:                 VO Grand Cru Seatpost 27.2

Stem:                       VO Gran Cru stem

Handlebar:               Nitto Noodle bar

Grips,Tape:               Brooks leather bar wrap, Fizik bar gel

Headset:                 Chris King Northreadset silver

Shifter mount:         Hubbub bar end adapter

Shifter cables:         included

Brake Levers:          SRAM S500 Road brake lever

Brake Callipers:      Avid BB& Disc brakes front and rear

Brake cables:         included 

Rack, rear:            Tubus Cargo Evo Black

Rack, front:           Tubus Duo lowrider black 

Fenders:               SKS P45 silver

Stack spacers:      1 1/8 silver/black 

Skewers:               Pitlock anti-theft skewers

Cable stops:         Shimano cable stops

USB charger:        Supernova USB Plug

Lights:                  *Schmidt Edelux front, B&M Seculite rear

Panniers:              Ortlieb Backroller classic rear, Front Roller Classic, Ultimate6 bar bag

Where to invest:  Good, strong wheels.  Excellent tires.  Schwalbe Marathon for the win!  A comfortable bike seat.  Brooks Saddles in my experience are well worth the price tag.  Also make sure the bike fits you.  Cycling eight hours a day is difficult, even when you have a bike fitting.  

Rohloff:  Loved it!  Cons: Difficult to find parts, more difficult to find a mechanic who can work on it.  Pros: Super reliable, no issues during 25,000km of riding.  In depth user and maintenance manual.

Surly Frame:  Amazing!  Cons: ...heavy...?  But it's a touring bike, so duh!  Pros: Comfortable, durable, aesthetically pleasing.

Schmidt Son Dynamo and Schmidt Edelux front, B&M Seculite rear:  So convient to have lights that were powered by the spinning of the front wheel.  Cons: Extra cables, set up can be a little finicky if you are not the best mechanic such as myself.  Pros: The drag of the front wheel is near unnoticeable, and the lights are extremely bright.  

Tubas racks: Solid.  Cons: Paint chipped resulting in slight rusting over time.  Pros: Super durable. 

Ortlieb Classics:  Fantastic! Cons: Not a lot of options within the bag, ie not a lot of pockets or zippers.  Pros: Not a lot of options within the bag, ie not a lot of pockets or zippers. Waterproof.  Durable.  Crashed a few times with these bags and even got hit by car.  No holes!

Picklock anti-theft skewers: Bike never got stolen!  Cons: Depending on rack, getting the key into the skewer can be difficult.  Pros: Extra theft prevention for expensive hubs.

Nitto Noddle Bar: So comfortable.  Cons: Um...?  Pros: Creates plenty of hand positions

Supernova USB Plug: Would not use this again.  Batteries on devices are getting better and better.  External battery packs are small and light.  Coffee shops are every and have customary electricity.  Cons: Charge is slow.  Pros: Charge on the go

Brooks leather bar wrap:  Would not use this again.  Degraded and became slimy.  Cons: Difficult to re-wrap, expensive.  Pros: Looks good

The most important part?  GO ON THE ADVENTURE!     

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