Ultraman Vlog 001: Food and Training, sim weekend 1

I am very happy to share this video about my journey to Ultraman Canada. Ultraman Canada is 520K multi-sport event. Day 1 starts with a 10K open water swim, followed by a modest 150K on the bike. Day 2 is all bike, with 275K's of awesomeness. And on day 3 we lace up for a gruelling double marathon...that's 84.4K! I am really excited for this event, as well as the journey to it--both of which will present their own challenges. I am also doing all my training and racing on an 80/10/10 raw-vegan lifestyle, which is a diet comprised of fresh, ripe, raw, whole, organic fruits and vegetables. I have another simulation weekend coming up and so please feel free to ask anyone questions about racing, training, or diet and I will try to answer them in future videos. Happy training everyone!


Jason ManningComment