Welcome to Raw2Race: coaching on raw food, running, and athletic performance.  Raw2Race offers individual training programs for people who want to run any distance from 5k to 100 miles and beyond.  Raw2Race also works with other athletes including triathletes and dancers.   

Exercise is a large component of health.  So too is diet.  I have been a raw-vegan for two years and I have experienced incredible results just by eating raw fruits and vegetables.  Raw2Race offers coaching on transitioning to a raw food lifestyle.  By understanding the hurtles of adjusting ones diet, and by providing daily meal plans, together we can improve your health, which subsequently will improve you athletic performance.   

Besides working with athletes who want to achieve their personal bests, Raw2Race also works with everyday people who just want to improve their health and fitness.  Many common ailments such as, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and digestive issues, can be improved or eradicated just through diet and lifestyle.  Raw2Race can help you make the transition to a life of health.   

I understand that running 100 miles or changing ones diet may seem drastic or frightening, which is why the coaching plans progress at your speed.

My only goal is to help you improve.  How far we take the improvement is up to you.  

In health and fitness, 

Raw2Race coach, Jason Manning  



The Raw Plan is a 30 day program for those who are looking to transition to a raw food, or plant-based lifestyle. The Raw Plan is excellent for anyone who is looking to improve health, athletic performance, emotional clarity, and to lose weight. The plan includes day to day recipes and meal strategies. Includes one 30 minute call per week and unlimited email interaction. $299.00


The Race Plan

The Race Plan is for those looking to achieve their best at a race, event, or show. By using daily training sessions and by understanding where your event lies in the realm of athletics, together we can improve your performance. All events welcome: triathlons, 5k’s, marathons, 100 milers, and beyond. Whatever your goal, let’s achieve your best. $215.00 per month, minimum 3 months.


The Raw2Race Plan.

The Raw2Race plan is the ultimate plan, as it incorporates both a daily training program and a transition to a raw food lifestyle. This program is superb for those looking to improve body composition, get faster, get stronger, and to achieve results beyond what they thought was possible. $249.00 per month, minimum 3 months.

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